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Citizen Xenos is a feature length documentary exploring the intense life changes of Syrian families, volunteers and locals during the biggest humanitarian crisis  of our time. Themes of estrangement, loss and separation are illustrated through captivating realism and cinematic imagery. On the Greek island of Lesbos the film follows the stories of estranged refugees and their receivers as they adapt to an unprecedented situation. A grandmother, wanted by the Syrian Regime, travels with her traumatized granddaughter to claim family reunification in Germany. A fleeing Syrian family settles on the island that received them having the first migrant child to enroll in a Greek school. A globe-trotting mercenary working as a security manager in the municipal camp offers a candid tour of the living conditions, bureaucratic process and future perspectives of refugees. A Syrian activist living in Greece for 35 years moves to the island to offer housing and care to refugee families, while dealing with the emotional strain of the role he has undertaken. With the help of a Lebanese performer, a Syrian teenage barber living in a school  squat in the center of Athens re-enacts his experiences of captivity by ISIS and the journey away from war.


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